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Are you an Android smartphone owner who feels that though its interface works and feels great, you still yearn for the impressive fluidity that Apple’s iPhone and iPad have?


Both the Android and the iOS have their own fan following and people love the way their devices work. You talk to an Apple fan and he/ she will go gaga about it and the same goes for a diehard Android fan. But, at times, there are certain features of the other’s interface that you long to have on your device.

What Does a Launcher Do?

Launchers are of great help. Once you download them on your device, you can get the interface that the other has. In simple words, if you download and install iPhone launcher or iOS launcher on your Android device, then it will resemble the interface that Apple devices have. These launchers just change the way the interface looks with no improvement in the overall performance of the device. Thus, if you have this misconception that your Android phone will start functioning as Apple iPhone, then you are in for a disappointment.

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Why You Need a Launcher?

As we know, Android and iOS are the most common operating systems today. They both have their pros and cons. Android is very easy to use, customizable, and has the distinction of being most used in the world. Nearly  84% of the market share is bagged by Android according to International Data Corporation. It is so user-friendly that it is said that even an illiterate person can operate it with no problem.

iOS operating system, on the other hand, is a bit different. It is more tech-friendly as their target audience are people who have some basic technical knowledge. As they never compromise on quality and come with innovative versions that have some advanced features with good quality, their devices are always highly priced.

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While most of the people love the phones they have, there might be some who would want to have an iPhone but cannot afford to buy because of its cost. Also, there will be some who are happy with their Android device, but still like to have the iPhone interface. In reality, Android phones have a beautiful GUI (Graphical User Interface) and nothing can beat its customizable choices. There is no possibility that one can get saturated with the Android operating system. But still, if you want a change, launchers can help you make your Android smartphone look like iPhone.

How to Change the Look?

Changing the look of your Android device to make it resemble an iPhone is fairly simple. All you need to do is go to the Google Play Store and download the iOS launcher and install it. It takes just a few seconds and you are done. Android, as we all know, is open source OS. Thus, programmers have the liberty to experiment and bring in things that are new and exciting. It is the brains of such people, which have created these launchers to let you experience the iPhone interface on your Android phone

What Changes When You Download an iOS Launcher?

You would have understood by now that iOS launchers make your Android phone look like an iPhone. Suppose you went to the Google store and downloaded iOS 8 Launcher. Now, this is a simple launcher that is specifically designed to convert your Android to look like an iPhone operating system.

Although the launcher’s features are limited to aesthetics only, once you download and install it on your device, it changes the background of your screen. The icons that are specific to the Android operating system get converted to iOS. For instance, in Android, we have Google Chrome’s icon, which now changes to Safari icon. The fun is that only the icon changes; the browser still remains Chrome and does not become Safari.

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Go to the system preferences of this iOS 8 Launcher and you can set different effects that you want on your screen, change the screen wallpaper, choose an animated background, activate start-up animations and also activate notifications. It’s a very elegant and attractive launcher that lets you play with the aesthetics of your phone. It’s a great hit among those Android users who are looking for a touch of Apple style on their devices. Some other good iOS launchers For Android

One Launcher

It is again a very good iPhone launcher that you can get for your Android to get first-hand experience of the iOS operating system. Once you download and install it from the Google Play Store, it simulates the iOS transition effects and also the icon packs. To give you the same precise experience of iOS, the apps icons are found scattered all over the home screen. You can group similar kind of apps as you can do in iOS based on the category to give a cleaner look and also to make things easily accessible.

This launcher gives you an interface, which is not the exact replica of iOS icons but very similar in appearance. You can easily swipe and move them on the screen. There is also the option of smart widgets, which adds a display clock on the screen.

If you want features like gesture support, unread count etc. activated, it requires certain permissions if you are using Android Marshmallow or any of the later versions. There are also themes available to choose from to give a fresher look to your screen.  To play with different themes, preferences and settings, you need to go to the ‘One Tools’ folder. It also allows you to access various apps with one hand if you enable ‘Single Hand’ mode. It is free to download and the best thing about this launcher is that it does not annoy you with ads.


iLauncher Plus

Another great Android app to get the experience of iOS interface is iLauncher Plus. If you go for this app, you get a very clean look and your phone exactly resembles iPhones. The best thing about this app is that it is extremely lightweight and fast. It has been created keeping in mind to give the same background effects that the iPhone users get and hence you will find even the blur effect in it. If you adjust the keyboard to look like iPhone, you will forget by looks that you are using an Android device.

iLauncher 7 i5

Again a free app, it has already been downloaded and installed on more than hundred thousand phones. It gives a very refreshing look to your Android phone. Once you install it on your device, you not only get the iPhone look-alike, but also tons of useful features. The app icons are very similar to iOS and you can feel the difference the moment you install it. It is also a fast app that not only changes the interface, but also doesn’t impact the performance of the phone adversely. The only negative aspect in this app is that ads pop up every now and then, which can be irritating at times.


Which Launcher Should You Get?

There are various free iPhone launcher apps available in the Play Store. You should definitely go for the one that offers you most of the features that you need or want. See the ratings and reviews and decide which one is the best among the lot that offers the maximum number of features. Those that are best in terms of features, reliability and are light and fast are usually the most popular ones. Also, see in which app ads pop up every now and then try avoiding those as they can turn quite irritating. Go through all these parameters and then decide which one will be the best choice for your device.

Launchers are the right applications to transform your Android device into an iPhone so as to offer you the experience of both the worlds. If you download the best launcher app, you would not feel that only the aesthetics are changed. It will mask the Android OS so beautifully that you will get a feel that your Android phone is running on an iOS.