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Anticipations are a amusing issue. When reviewers unboxed and attempted on their Urbanista Seattle headphones last year they expected just a further pair of underwhelming cans aimed much more at fashionistas than audiophiles. But they were pleasantly surprised to find a fantastic-sounding, stylish, and comfortable pair of headphones out of remaining area.

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That signifies expectations are large for this stick to-up, the Urbanista New York. Luckily, in most respects it fulfills these expectations with characteristic finesse. The New York is not the revelation that the Seattle was, mainly because it doesn’t have the component of surprise, but it’s unquestionably an enhance on its predecessor, and a good competitor in its selling price band.


As soon as all over again, model is the watchword. The Urbanista New York has the identical minimalist variety variable as the Seattle, however the ear cups are necessarily much larger mainly because these are over-ear somewhat than on-ear headphones. That signifies they’re also even much more comfortable, so you can fortunately don them all working day.

Urbanista headphones have their very own particular seem, essentially consisting of a straightforward headband and two discs of distinctive circumferences at every stop, a person plastic, a person faux-leather. But their aesthetic mission is to be as smooth and inconspicuous as possible.

The whole device is a person color, both black or white, with no extravagant detailing other than a discreet Urbanista brand and business name on every hinge. L and R are printed inside of the ear cups.

There’s a person actual physical feature not current in the Seattle, and we couldn’t be happier to see it. Absent are the controversial contact controls, which labored greater on paper than real everyday living, and in their put are numerous strong actual physical buttons for on/off, ANC (energetic noise cancelling), quantity up/skip to upcoming track, quantity down/skip to preceding track, and multifunction.


The major providing level of the Urbanista New York technically talking is its ANC. That’s what distinguishes it from the sub-£100 Seattle and brings it into level of competition with mid-vary products like the Sony MDR-100ABN and the Bose QC25.

At £150, the New York is among the the much more inexpensive headphones supplying ANC, and it appears you get what you pay for. Though there is a obvious change in history noise when you change the ANC on, it is effective a lot greater on very low, rumbling noises than higher kinds, and there’s a consistent incredibly slight hiss underneath it.

If you’re made use of to the hugely powerful, uncanny, sound-sucking ANC of headphones by Bose or Sony, you will uncover the effect underwhelming in the New York. They’ll minimize engine noise and other very low rumbles, and get the edge off almost everything else, but which is all.

This is to be expected in a £150 pair of headphones, nonetheless, and the New York compares favourably to products like the Sennheiser Hd 4.50 BTNC, its most direct competitor in phrases of selling price and capabilities.

It’s also value noting that the tiny pinhole ports for the microphones that complete the ANC magic can catch the wind when you’re outside. This a typical situation with ANC headphones, current to an even bigger degree in the much more pricey Sony MDR-100 ABN, so it’s not a large offer. Switching off ANC makes the blustery sound go absent.

As you’d count on, the New York comes with a multifunction button that lets you answer and hold up phone calls. Tapping twice on the multifunction button lets you interact with Siri.

In the box you will also get a strong fabric have bag, a cable for listening to your headphones without having battery electric power, a plane seat adaptor, and a micro USB charging cable.


The Urbanista New York has the form of sound signature that will enchantment to relatively casual listeners much more involved with enjoyable than fidelity.

The bass is by much the strongest component. It’s imposing without having at any time getting muddy or overbearing, allowing for bass-heavy songs like Zara Larsson’s Lush Lifestyle to sound their exact, thumpy best.

The mids and highs are significantly less impressive, nonetheless, with a flatter sound all round and some sibilance creeping in at the leading stop. But which is the form of issue only an audiophile will treatment about. For casual listeners, the New York gives an impactful, dynamic sound with an entertaining emphasis on punchy bass.

Separation is relatively excellent, and soundstage is decent, as is the level of element, building the New York a robust competitor in this selling price vary.

Curiously, ANC performs a large element in the sound signature of the New York. Deactivating the feature radically diminishes the effect of the bass, which in turn (significantly less radically) will increase the effect of the mids and highs, creating an arguably much more precise but significantly less enjoyable sound.

In other phrases, the advantage of the ANC button is only partly that it blocks out sound, and blocking out sound is possibly not the issue it does best. You can feel of it as a normal sound enhancer.


Like the Seattle ahead of it, the Urbanista New York is an incredibly comfortable, stylish, and attractively priced different to some of the much more well known headphone brands on the market. The ANC won’t blow you absent, and the sound is geared toward enjoyable-loving somewhat than fussy listeners, but if you have £150 to invest on a pair of headphones you could do a ton worse than these kinds.

Specs (from the Urbanista internet site)

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