USB menu gets revamped, lets you transfer files and charge a connected device simultaneously

The USB relationship menu in Android P is obtaining a revamp. Absent is the compact pop-up overlay and as a substitute there is certainly a fullscreen menu that introduces a handful of visual and purposeful alterations.

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1st, there is certainly an area at the top rated that shows what the USB relationship is executing, so you can see what it truly is getting employed for. Second, USB tethering is easily obtainable in this article, as a substitute of possessing to delve in Hotspot and tethering. Third, and for some inexplicable cause, the interface now utilizes toggles and separates File Transfer from the other selections.


Remaining: Android Oreo. Middle & ideal: Android P.

So positive, you are additional likely to use File Transfer than any of the relaxation, but the UI would make it glance like you can flip on File Transfer and flip on any of the other modes at the exact time. Fact is only “Charging related product” can be enabled at the exact time as “File Transfer.” That’s new and it would make feeling possibly when you join to one more telephone and want to charge it and transfer files to it. If you test to flip on any of the other modes like USB Tethering, File Transfer gets toggled off.

Also, if you are asking yourself whether the options stick when you disconnect and reconnect, the response is no. So it truly is a toggle, but it truly is a momentary one particular, and the selections all get reset again when you disconnect. All round, compact enhancements in perform, but I are not able to understand the design and style conclusion guiding the “Use” and “Also use” section separation. I also want stock Android to lastly allow for File Transfer to be turned on by default as a substitute of enabling it every single time. As significantly as I don’t forget, Samsung let me do that.

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